Erasmus+ Policy Development

The Erasmus+ programme is the extensive EU programme for the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period of 2014 till 2020, and presents Higher Education Institutions with a great opportunity to gain support and funding for their projects.

As the year 2020 comes closer, we are also reaching the end of the current Erasmus+ programme. With a future Erasmus+ programme in mind, many stakeholders in higher education have formalised position papers on their opinions of the programme. 

The European University Foundation (EUF) has since its establishment championed the modernisation of European higher education. We have promoted new and innovative EU policies and practices which aim at contributing to the modernisation of the European Higher Education Area, notably student and staff mobility. With a new Erasmus+ programme on the horizon, the EUF has taken a strong position for an expanded and improved programme. Our digitisation projects Online Learning Agreement and Erasmus Without Paper will set the example of how educational administration will be digital in the future. Through our social projects, such as the HousErasmus+, we work towards a more inclusive Erasmus+ programme that will allow all students to participate. The EUF is committed to building the capacity of Higher Education staff , through innovative trainings such as BEST+, to ensure that policy efforts at the European level are matched with the necessary skills and knowledge at institutional level.

The Erasmusx10 Campaign

The EUF has joined over 40 other  European-wide networks and civil society organisations in a campaign for a tenfold increase of the programme’s budget. Named Erasmusx10, the campaign aims to create awareness of the need for an expanded funding for the programme to make it more accessible and increase its quality. Read more about the campaign and sign the petition on their webpage.