A wide range of ideas and proposals are swirling regarding the desired changes for the next embodiment of the current Erasmus+ programme. This is a vital question for European integration, and specifically for European students and universities.

Recent years have seen a significant formalisation of such discussions through the preparation and dissemination of position papers issued by a considerable number of networks and stakeholders. However, the accumulation of position papers does not render the process of negotiating consensus and analysing the merits of putative changes particularly easy.

Accordingly, the European University Foundation (EUF) and its partners are launching a series of informal debates on key issues connected with student mobility in Europe with a view to shape the post 2020-agenda of the Erasmus+ programme.

The format of the events will be a series of “salons” held in cafés and other public places across the city of Brussels. A small group of speakers representing different stakeholders in the sector will be asked to challenge the audience and engage them in a frank exchange of ideas, while moderation will be facilitated by the EUF and the speakers themselves. Starting in January 2018, the Erasmus Salons will carry on throughout the full year with a total of 9 events, each covering a different topic.

As the events aims to foster informal debates with the broader audience, all events will be open to the public. If you wish to participate and contribute to the discussion on the future of European Higher Education, read more about the upcoming events.